Massage in Worcestershire

Teresa Anderson MTI CNHC

Tel: 07443397872     Email: [email protected]

In Indian traditions the belief is that massage preserves the body's life force and energy.  Indian Head Massage:


- aids deep relaxation;

- reduces stress; and

- aims to restore physical and psychological balance.





On the first visit there will be a consultation for 10 to 15 minutes to ascertain what expections you have from Indian Head Massage and to work together to develop an effective treatment plan.  


Indian Head Massage is given seated, no undressing and lasts 35 to 40 minutes.  It will include massage to the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face.  It will conclude with chakra balancing.  Should you wish to have oils used on the scalp there will be a choice to either aid relaxation, energise or improve and maintain the condition of the hair and scalp.  


The session concludes with a 5 minute discussion on aftercare.

What happens during the massage ?

The benefits of Indian Head Massage



- 60 minutes massage £30.00



Please contact me if you have any questions about Indian Head Massage or appointments requests.