Massage in Worcestershire

Teresa Anderson MTI CNHC

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The effects of massage on muscles include:


- increase suppleness;

- relieve tightness and stiffness;

- increases flexibility;

- reduce soreness;

- remove waste and bring nutrients to the muscles; and

- improves muscle tone and stimulates the nerves.








The massage consists of an Initial Consultation (10 -15 mins) to discuss and agree a treatment plan,  20 -25 mins of massage followed by aftercare advice.  Subsequent treatments would have less consultation time.


During the massage you can be covered with drapes which I can work through or uncovered whatever you feel comfortable and secure with.  


The massage will consist of a number of techniques that are appropriate to the treatment plan.  This may consist of deep tissue massage, mobilisation, breathe and energy work, holds, skin rolling, percussion, stretches and rocking.  

What happens during the massage ?

The benefits of Holistic Massage



- 60 minutes massage £35.00


- 90 minutes massage £45.00



Please contact me if you have any questions about Holistic Massage or appointment requests.